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Three Types of Tyres for Your Tractor

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in Uncategorized |

The tractor is a powerful machine in diverse commercial and residential applications such as landscaping, farming and construction. It is important to choose the right components for your automotive to ensure the full capability is realised. One of the important modules is the tyres installed under the tractor. They are responsible for supporting the entire tractor weight as well as the loads so you should be vigilant when making your purchase. An ideal tyre should offer the same performance provided by the original equipment installed during tractor manufacture and match your application requirements. Here is a brief description of the common tyres in the market to help you choose the best for your tractor. Agricultural Tyres Agricultural tyres are commonly known as Ag tyres and they are ideal for extensive farm work. They are particularly suitable for your operation if you often use your tractor to pull heavy equipment. The tread on these tyres is designed in the form of angled bars which can provide maximum traction in the soft farming soil. Agricultural tyres also have thick walls to prevent accelerated wear. This aspect is important because most agricultural operations require low inflation pressure to reduce the risk of sticking in the mud. Turf Tyres The traction provided by agricultural tyres is valuable in diverse applications except in estate landscaping. Turf tyres are designed for this task to ensure there is minimal damage on the lawn during improvement projects. The tyres are designed as large and balloon-like features which distribute the weight of the tractor more evenly, reducing the pressure exerted on the ground. The treads are shallow so the tyres will not dig into the natural turf destroying the landscape. Unfortunately, turf tyres have reduced traction so they encounter slippage when the ground is muddy and wet. If these are the conditions that your tractor is exposed to, choose floatation tyres. These are extra wide alternatives which will support the vehicle better and prevent sinking. There are also ribbed tyres which are designed with simple grooves as the treads. The traction provided is very low, but these are the best for manicured natural turf operations. Combination Tyres Combination tyres are suitable for installation in multi-purpose tractors, but they are most ideal for construction work. The design of the tyres includes the large balloon style of turf tyres and the deeper treads of the Ag alternatives. Additionally, they are more puncture-resistant compared to the light turf tyres. You should choose tyres which match your applications to ensure enhanced functionality and reduced wear-rate. To learn more about the advantages or disadvantages of tyres you’re considering, talk with someone from a business like Metro Tyre Service to make sure you’re getting the most suitable...

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5 Tips to Detailing Your Car Interior Like a Pro!

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in Uncategorized |

What would happen if the owner of your company asked you for a ride home today? Would you be embarrassed by the state of your vehicle’s interior? After all, your vehicle says a lot about you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Jaguar or a Subaru, a clean car interior gives your ride-along a great impression of your personality. Take the time today to employ these handy tips the pros use, and be prepared to enjoy the cleanest car ride you’ve had in a long time! Tip #1: Cupholders With all the loose change, dirt, and sticky liquid leaks that collect in the bottom of your cup holders, these are probably one of the dirtiest spots in your car. Yet, they are very prominent to anyone seated in your vehicle. Remove any loose change and debris (use a plastic butter knife if you have to), and then fit an old sock or cloth over a cup that fits loosely into the bottom. Soak it with ammonia-free window cleaner, and twist away to remove all of that sticky ickiness. You might have to grab a chopstick or plastic butter knife and do the same to get into all of the crevices. Tip #2: Crevices Chances are you’ve got pens, papers, wrappers, and all sorts of junk sticking out from the crevices and creases of your vehicle’s interior. Put on a pair of gloves, and get all this garbage that you can with your hands. Make sure to watch out for anything sharp, you don’t want to add blood to this mix! Next, take a chopstick or barbeque skewer and run it along the very edges, knocking loose all the little lines of dirt and debris. Now it’s time to break out your vacuum with a crevice tool and suck up all that dirt. Finally, grab a microfiber cloth and rub away with some window cleaner. Your crevices should be spick and span! Tip #4: Creativity You don’t have to spend a fortune on a car detailing kit! Many of the pros get the job done with a combination of cleaning swabs, toothpicks, old toothbrushes, makeup applicators, and good old hard work. Grab a handful of each and attack your nooks and crannies. Tip #5: Carpet Cleaner Most detailers use carpet cleaning machine after the first thorough vacuuming to get the stains up, but you can simply buy an aerosol cleaner for some DIY magic if you don’t have a machine handy. Spray your seats and carpets, and vacuum up any excess cleaner after a few minutes. You might have to rub some of the more stubborn stains. With one final vacuum and a wipe down of the large surfaces, you are ready to hit the road in your car’s clean interior! Maybe next time, use the vacuum machine at the gas station before it gets this messy. Contact professional car detailers if you have more...

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DIY tips and tricks to easily repair your car window

Posted by on Jul 2, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Accidents, car burglaries, small stones cracking the windscreen — these things can happen to every car owner at least once in a lifetime. The bad part is that car window repair and replacement can be rather expensive. The good part is that in many cases, windscreen repairs are covered by car insurance. And if they’re not, you can always use the tips and tricks below to attempt a do-it-yourself car window repair! Analyse Is there a new chip in your windscreen or car window? Don’t panic. It might not be as bad as you think. Before rushing to the glass shop, go home first, fetch a magnifying glass and take a close look at the chip or crack. You may either have a bull’s eye chip, a pit or a star chip. It’s easier to fix a small bull’s eye chip than any other form of crack. However keep in mind that even bull’s eye chips can be irreparable when left for a long time.  So, even if the chip doesn’t obstruct your view, it’s best to try to fix it. Otherwise, water could fill the chip and eventually make it become larger or even turn into a crack. After all, you might get in the wrong side of the law even with a small windscreen chip. Long cracks can’t be fixed, so better repair the chip before it’s too late. After examining the chip you might decide you’re not up to fixing it yourself. In that case, contact a business like Precision Windscreens & Autoglass that specialises in repairing auto glass. Prepare You need to buy a crack repair kit if you don’t already have one. Once you have your car window repair kit, the next thing to do is prepare your windscreen or car window for the operation. The glass needs to be absolutely dry and have a near room temperature. If the window isn’t dry, you risk trapping water in the repair. Fix The kits usually contain a bottle of resin repair, a repair device, curing strips, a sleeved razor blade and instructions. Even if these kits don’t make chips completely disappear, they stop them from expanding and help you avoid the costs of replacing the entire window or windscreen. If you own a large SUV or ute, use a step stool or a small ladder to reach the chip. Also, you might want to use a towel to avoid scratching the area you’re leaning against. Look closely for any broken glass and remove it before you begin. The entire car window repair process should take you about an hour to perform. But don’t hurry if you see it’s taking longer because you surely don’t want to be making things worse. You need to work with patience and precision if you want the best...

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Skills of an Auto Electrician

Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Having an automobile that runs properly is one of the most important aspects of an adult’s life. Therefore, when a vehicle is not running like it should, an auto electrician is needed. This professional will be able to evaluate the vehicle and determine what needs to be corrected.  However, working on an automobile takes a lot more than having knowledge related to how an engine works.  In fact, individuals that want to make this a profession will need to have a lot of different skills.  Dependability An auto electrician must be dependable at all times.  When it comes to finding a job, employers want to know that the professional they are considering hiring will be there on time, every time.  Carrying out the tasks of auto electrician is not something that just anyone can pick up.  It becomes very important for dependability to be evaluated before hiring takes place. Problem Solving Skills There are going to be times when troubleshooting car troubles can become very stressful.  It is not always easy to determine what may be causing engine troubles.  Because of this, an auto electrician must be able to go through effective problem solving steps.  He or she must also be able to deal with high levels of stress.  Without these skills, the job can become very overwhelming.  The ability to work effectively with others will also come into play.  Different electricians may have different work styles, and customers can become very demanding.  Workers that are easily frustrated may not be able to handle negative interactions.  Those that are considering a career in this field must be flexible and have the ability to work with others during stressful situations.  Technical Skills Of course, each and every auto electrician will need to go through some type of formal training.  This is completely necessary to ensure that there is an understanding of the tools that are utilized.  Along with that, it is important to remember that there is a lot to be said for on-the-job training. An auto electrician that is just starting out will learn a lot from others.  The more experience that they receive, the more effective they will become with their job.  Working with others in a positive manner can provide a lot of education that may not be learned in class. It is easy to see that the skills of an auto electrician go beyond simply knowing how a vehicle runs. It is very important to consider all of these skills before entering this career field.  Doing so can greatly increase one’s rate of success. For more information, contact a local auto shop like Riverton Auto...

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What You Need to Know About Log Book Servicing for a Vehicle

Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in Uncategorized |

A vehicle’s log book refers to a schedule of maintenance that is set out by the manufacturer. The log book is also used to record repairs that are done to the vehicle. The log book should come with the car when you purchase it new, but if you buy a used vehicle without a log book, you can start your own with a book that you create. Note a few important factors about the log book, including why it’s so important and how it should be filled out. 1. Company vehicles can incur fines without a proper log book Taxation offices need to know everything about deliveries performed with a company vehicle, including their weight, miles driven, and so on. Car repairs can even be more expensive for company vehicles if you don’t have a log book prepared and kept up-to-date on the vehicle. If you buy a used vehicle that you are going to keep for deliveries for your vehicle, purchase a commercial log book so that you know what to fill out as you use the company vehicle, versus the information recorded for a personal vehicle. 2. Note all the details of repairs and maintenance Oil changes and other minor maintenance jobs are very important for the overall condition of a vehicle, which is why you want to record virtually everything about service done to your car. If you change your own oil or replace the brake pads, note this in the log book. Even if you replace an air filter or fuses, this too should be noted in the log book. The reason for this is so that potential buyers of a used vehicle can see what’s been done, but also so that they know the car has been cared for over the years. They may not be concerned about something as small as fuses, but having a complete record in your log book shows that you’ve maintained your car as needed. 3. A log book can affect your warranty Very often you need to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for a new car in order for your warranty to be in effect. This is important as many new car owners assume that they can overlook maintenance in the first few years before their car will start showing signs of wear, but neglecting the maintenance schedule in the log book can mean voiding a warranty. If a part should then fail, you may be liable for the cost of replacing it. The next time you take your car in to an auto shop, like Chatswood Brake & Clutch for repairs, make sure you track them in your log...

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What You Should Look for When Buying a Plant Trailer

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Plant trailers are very helpful in moving equipment from one location to another. Several key factors contribute to making plant trailers the workhorses that they are. This article discusses some of those features that you should look out for when buying a plant trailer. It Should Be Lightweight Plant trailers are designed to take heavy loads but that does not mean the trailer itself needs to be heavy. In fact, a heavy plant trailer is undesirable because it exerts a lot of drag on the vehicle towing that trailer. When you add the weight of the load to the weight of the trailer itself, it becomes very hard to tow that trailer. You should pick a plant trailer that is lightweight so your vehicle’s towing power is exerted in moving the load that you have placed on the trailer. Take note of the description given for the trailer and pick one that is constructed of lightweight materials like zinc-plated steel. It Should Have Several Tie-down Points Plant trailers should be safe to tow on busy roads and on your property. This safety is enhanced when the plant trailer has multiple tie-backs or chain-off points so that it is properly secured onto the vehicle that is towing it. In this way, you will be sure that the trailer will not become detached from the towing vehicle. Combination Lights Select a plant trailer that has several combination lights along its length. These lights are important in alerting other road users about the trailer when you are towing it at night. You can look out for low-maintenance lights such as LED (light emitting diode) lights that do not need frequent replacement or servicing. Spare Tyre Carrier A good plant trailer should have a special provision for carrying spare tyres. This provision is necessary because that trailer carries a variety of cargo that may be too bulky to leave room for a spare tyre. Pick a plant trailer that has room on the coupling mechanism so that you can keep your spare tyres there. Use the attributes above to narrow down the list of plant trailer options that you see on the market. You can then choose a plant trailer that is within your budget range. You can then customise that trailer so that it is perfect for your requirements on the construction site or plant. For more information or assistance, contact local plant trailer...

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Why Use Professional Panel Beaters for Any Type of Smash Repair

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Unless your car, truck or bus has suffered anything more than a very minor scratch, you want to bring it to professional panel beaters for proper smash repair. A professional panel beater will not only make sure that your vehicle looks its best but they will also ensure that the vehicle is protected from further damage. Note how and why that is, and why a professional panel beater should always be used after any accident or damage. 1. Bumping out Even a Simple Dent Is More Complicated than Many People Realize It’s easy to think that a dent in a vehicle can simply be bumped out with a mallet, but the process is often much more complicated than many people realize. Simply bumping a dent can mean actually putting more pressure on the area of the panel that is folded, the way you might bend a piece of metal back and forth in order to break it in two. Bumping a dent also doesn’t always fix the panel so that it’s ready for painting and finishing; it may still have small bends and ripples. It’s also good to note that different materials may need different tools and methods. Aluminum is much lighter than steel so it may need a lighter touch and smaller tools, whereas a plastic body may be ruined if you were to try to heat it before bumping it. Even trying to weld the underbody of a car that is covered with a plastic outer body can result in damage to the plastic if it’s near the heat and not protected. Panel beaters will have specialized tools that not only protect the structure and materials of the panel as it’s being repaired, but which can address those small folds that almost always seem to form during the repair process. 2. Sanding and Welding May Be Required Sanding and welding are often required for panel beating when a scratch has reached the actual metal body of the car. When metal is scratched in this way, it is exposed to air and then can be prone to corrosion and rust. It may need to be sanded and then welded so that the area that has been scratched is covered and protected. A professional panel beater not only has the tools and knowhow to do this, but can also evaluate when this work should be part of the repair job itself. Note these important reasons for always taking your vehicle to a professional panel beater for any smash repairs that need to be...

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3 Necessary Auto Repairs Most Car Owners Ignore

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If you can start your car and drive it down the road, you may assume it’s in good repair and doesn’t need servicing by a mechanic. However, car owners might be ignoring some important repair needs—either because they don’t recognise the signs of damage or because they don’t realise how dangerous these conditions can be. Note a few needed auto repairs that most car owners overlook and ignore and why it’s important that you have them taken care of as soon as possible. 1. Bulging tires A bulge in a tire means that the rubber is soft in that particular spot and an air pocket has formed. This is very dangerous because soft rubber is more likely to burst when on the road. Your tire could suffer a blowout and not just go flat, but shred as you drive. In turn you may have difficulty controlling your car. If you notice a bulge in any of your tires, have it replaced as quickly as possible and avoid driving at high speeds until you do. 2. Brakes that grip too tightly When you buy a new car you may need to get accustomed to how the brakes grip the rotors inside the tires, but typically if you notice that the brakes of a car seem to grip too tightly, this is not something to overlook. This can mean that the brake pads are slipping out of place and are causing friction against the rotors. If you ignore this problem, the pads can slip out entirely and your brakes would fail, or they could slide between the rotors and the tires and cause your car to slam to a stop. In any case, it’s good to have your brakes checked by a professional like Wollongong Auto Electrics whenever they are not functioning properly rather than risking having them fail when on the road. 3. Leaking fluids Leaking fluids usually cause strong, pungent smells from under the hood. Coolant has a sweet smell but you should never notice it as it should be contained in your coolant system at all times. Power steering fluid or brake fluid can create a strong odor if it should leak and in turn, get too warm. Gas leaks can smell like gasoline. If you notice any strong, pungent smells coming from under the hood of your car or in any other area, it’s good to have these checked as quickly as possible. In some cases a very small leak may not be dangerous but in other cases, these fluids may leak out completely while on the road. In turn, your brakes or steering or other system may...

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Buying Replacement Parts and Disposing of Old Cars: How to Choose the Perfect Wreckers

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If you need a replacement part for your vehicle, or if you need to get rid of a junk car, a wrecker can help you. However, with so many wreckers out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for your needs. Whether you want parts or vehicle disposal, here are a few essential qualities to look for in a wrecking service: If You Need Replacement Parts… 1. Speciality Searching for a small part such as a window crank or a gas cap can be impossible in a wrecking yard full of different types of cars. To make the search easier on yourself, look for a wrecking yard specialising in the type of vehicle you have. For example, if you have a Toyota or a Mitsubishi, look for a Toyota or Mitsubishi wrecking yard. 2. Organisation Whether you choose a speciality yard or not, it should be well organised. Ideally, it should have new arrivals near the front, and cars should be sorted by make, model and manufacturer to make searching for a part easier. 3. Alerts So that you do not have to trek to the wrecking yard every day, you may want a wrecker who is willing to send you alerts. You simply tell the wrecker the part you need, and if it comes in, the wrecking staff calls you or sends an email. If You Have a Junk Car . . .  1. Online Quotes If you are trying to get rid of an old car, you want a wrecking yard that offers online quotes. That way, you can enter information about your car in an online portal, get a quote immediately and compare with other wreckers. You don’t have to worry about driving anywhere or towing your vehicle somewhere for a quote. 2. Same Day Removal Service Once you make the decision to get rid of your junk car, you want a wrecker who will work quickly. Ideally, you want a wrecker who offers same-day removal service. If you are moving house or have your car parked somewhere, it may get ticketed. Same-day removal services can help you save money, avoid fines and get rid of your car as soon as possible. 3. Environmental Commitment One of the reasons people work with wreckers is because they prefer to recycle parts rather than have new ones manufactured. That mindset in itself is environmental. However, if you are committed to sustainability, you should also look for a further commitment to environmentalism. For instance, you may want to look at how the wrecker deals with unusable parts or how they recycle metal. For more information, contact a business such as Wanneroo 4X4 Wreckers &...

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The Art Of Towing A Trailer

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Towing a truck for the first time can be a frightening experience, but if you’ve got cargo you want to safely transport, then you’ll have to learn. Attaching a trailer at the back of your SUV needs training, and there are a number of basic steps you need to familiarise yourself with. The aim is to figure out how the extra load changes your vehicle reaction and to learn to adjust your driving style accordingly. So if you are getting ready to tow, here are a number of things to put in mind. Know the supported weights Your vehicle can’t handle infinite weight; there’s a line you shouldn’t dare cross. You can get the tow rating on your manual, and what really matters is the gross combined weight rating (VGCWR). This dictates the total weight that can be handled including the cargo, passengers and the tow vehicle. So if you’ve got passengers, you may want to reduce your cargo. You should also be concerned about the tongue weight. This is the amount of weight of the trailer that rests on the hitch. Make the hitch take up around 10% of the trailer’s weight. Keeping very little weight will cause the trailer to sway around when driving, and too much weight makes it harder to steer the vehicle. Watch your braking If you are going to be dealing with very heavy loads, then you should have electronic brakes. There should be trailer brakes inside your car–if not, purchase some. Avoid getting timer-based brakes that increase the braking the longer you press the brake pedal. The brakes you are looking for match the tow vehicle’s deceleration to the trailer braking. Adjust your speeds when driving to get to that point where the trailer doesn’t feel like a drag on your car. When driving You should be careful when driving. Create a large gap between your vehicle and the one in front of you, because your braking is going to take much longer. When negotiating your corners, turn much later but do it sharply to ensure the trailer doesn’t clip curbs. A brake controller with a boost button would be a good help when the trailer starts swaying sideways. Towing a trailer needs practice, but it eventually gets intuitive. Before any towing, remember to check the vehicle and ensure that it is in mint condition. Look at the brakes, indicators and headlights to confirm that they are in perfect order before driving. For more information, contact a business such as Barnes Towing & Salvage Qld Pty...

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Benefits And Risks Of Buying Used Auto Parts Online

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Purchasing used car parts is an economical choice that can significantly reduce the cumulative costs of repair and maintenance. With the advances in the e-commerce industry, the task of buying these products has been made easier by the availability of online vendors. The primary dealers are individuals on electronic marketplaces and auctions who want to make a profit out of their old cars and established vehicle parts companies that have expanded their local stores to reach out to a wider audience. If you are thinking about using online platforms for your auto repair needs, consider these details before purchase. Advantages There is a wide selection of car parts from online vendors, so you will have the power to choose depending on your budget, preference and the requirements of the vehicle. Several quality companies have established Internet stores that deal only in used and reconditioned parts, and user-driven marketplaces also offer varied choices since there are typically many individuals with the needed item. Most of these websites have general search functions to aid the buyer in finding all products that are suitable for installation and other related parts. This will help you explore options that would normally be limited in physical stores. In addition, vehicle owners who are not familiar with cars will find online purchase more desirable because one does not necessarily have to recognize the minute details of the parts. By inputting the required replacement, vehicle model and production year in specialty sites, you can find exact parts. Significant savings can be made by acquiring used parts and more so, because there are no travelling charges. Comparisons can be carried out with regard to shipping costs, promotions and special offers to ensure that maximum savings are made. Risks The main drawback of choosing online auto part shopping is that you cannot examine the product before purchase. The available picture may falsely represent the actual item, and the seller may exaggerate the quality and condition of the part. As a used part buyer, you will also be vulnerable to scams and risk losing money. There is also the risk of damage during shipping, which is inconvenient, and the vendor may deny liability and refuse to make a replacement. Should You Buy Online? While there are many benefits to online auto part purchase, the presented dangers can nullify them. You can protect yourself from losses by using only reputable companies that own established businesses. Moreover, apply caution when buying from individuals, especially when the components are vital to your vehicle’s performance. For more information or advice, contact a business such as Queanbeyan Auto...

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